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TLK100 Portable Command Package


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The TLK100 is a push to talk over cellular radio from Motorola. A technology that is fast becoming a first choice for companies looking to improve their PTT communications, this radio uses existing cellular networks to communicate rather than the traditional UHF and VHF frequencies.

A fairly compact radio the TLK100 stands at 168.9mm in height, 58.6mm in width and 22.15mm in depth whilst weighing in at just 166g. The sizing of this radio allows for it to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand, whilst the low weight means that it can be carried via the use of a belt clip or wrist strap with little to no strain on the operator. Although the TLK100 is a small device it still remains rugged and reliable. An IP54 rating ensures that the radio has a limited Ingres against dust intrusion whilst also being safeguarded against splashes of water from all angles.

A 2300mAh Li-Ion battery comes as standard with the TLK100 allowing for it to operate continuously for up to 18 hours using a 5:5:90 duty cycle. 8 Channels can be expanded to 96 allowing for more than sufficient communications for small to large businesses. Due to the radios operating using cellular and WiFi coverage your distance is unlimited, should you be located in the UK and a colleague be in the USA providing you have sufficient coverage you can communicate instantly.

The TLK100 radios can be paired with dispatcher software to make use of the GPS functionality that the radio has. GPS tracking has been proven to help with both efficient and safety in the workplace. Features such as Man Down and Lone Worker can be programmed into the radio, with MD monitoring the radios orientation and LW keeping an eye out on activity levels of the radio.