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Radio Accessories

In addition to our world-class two-way and VHF radio communication products and support services, we offer a comprehensive range of radio accessories to ensure you are always online.   


We stock industry leading Motorola earpieces that are designed to operate seamlessly with the Motorola radio communication products we carry. From inner-ear, over-ear and surveillance options, they provide sound clarity to ensure you never miss a communication.


Our Motorola and ICOM microphones are among the best in the industry. We offer desktop, remote, waterproof and noise cancelling options to suit almost any application.


Batteries are the life-blood of your device and you should never compromise on quality. We carry ICOM and Motorola batteries that ensure reliability and long-life. 


While our products are durable and engineered to survive in the toughest environments, we always recommend you add to their life and ease of transport by carrying them in one of our high-quality cases. All cases are made by the product manufacturer, so you know they will perform.


For maximum coverage, a high-quality antenna is essential. We carry Motorola and ICOM antennas to ensure your device enjoys maximum range and clarity.   


Battery life is obviously essential when on the job. Whether single or multi-unit, our chargers are made specifically for the devices we sell so you can be assured they will perform. 

Motorola CLP - Single Unit Charger

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Motorola DP Series - 2" Belt Clip

Motorola Solutions


Motorola CP476 - Single Unit Charger

Motorola Solutions