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Professional radio solutions are offered here at Paris Radio, keeping up with the latest of technology the radios we supply service the needs of many industries including aviation, security, hospitality and many more. Using market leading products prove to be the factor of our success and assurance that we offer at Paris Radio. We customise, build, test, train and hand over quality and service assured products.

Paris Radio is Australia’s leading radio retailer, making us second to none in radio technologies. We also have an exclusive partnership with ICOM Australia making us the first point of contact for any radio needs. 

The team at Paris Radio is what really sets us apart from our competition. With a long-standing history in technology and a passion for innovation, the team can do it all. With extensive experience in two way radio communications, concept technology and design, Paris Radio has the ability and resources to tailor the radios to suit your needs.

We are radio specialist and supply to many, including major airlines within the South East Asia Region, as well as other major industrial sectors. We support the products we sell and offer. We assure superior performance and quality customer service.

The central focus for Paris Radio is ensuring the radio can perform and fulfil all expectations. This is why our team focuses on designing new accessories that compliment and enhance the features of the radio. 

The team at Paris Radio will use these expertise and resources to identify your radio needs and provide the necessary equipment and support to ensure these needs are meet. 

We value our customer, being the most important aspect of business, we strive to communicate and answer any enquiries with regards to the product and services we offer. We offer face to face appointments to discuss and support our customers needs and enjoy meeting people needs in respective industries.

Why use Paris Radio? We have been in business since 1954, based in Sydney, Australia! Contact us today to have a chat +61 293 449 111.