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ICOM IC-F60V-H Portable VHF AM Radio


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Weight: 2.0 kg

The Icom IC-F60V / F60V is Icom's premier handheld commercial radio. Built especially for the most demanding of commercial applications, the IC-F60V features a powerful 5 Watt UHF transmitter, is completely water & dustproof (IP67), and can have up to 128 channels programmed. Furthermore the IC-F60V has a loud 700mW audio output, ensuring the radio can be heard in nearly any industrial environment. It also contains a built in vibration features, so in the event you cannot hear the radio, you can enable the vibration to buzz the radio through thick clothing when it receives a transmission. 

The IC-F60V is built to the very best of technical specifications, therefore there are a full range of headset options available for this radio, including top of the line Peltor & Wireless Pacific Headsets, Wireless Pacific Temple Talker™ and even the Wireless Pacific Motorcycle Communication System. The radio contains an 8 minute recorder, if you need to record that important conversation to remember whether it was the "red or blue wire" you need to cut. The features are too big to list here so we recommend you check out the brochure. And the IC-F60V comes with a 2 year warranty. 

What's in the box:

  • Handheld radio transceiver to match frequency requirements (IC-F50V (136-174Mhz - VHF) or  IC-F60V-L (400-470Mhz - UHF) or IC-F60V-H (450-520Mhz))
  • 1700mA Li-Ion Battery (BP227)
  • Antenna
  • Belt-Clip
  • Battery charger. 


  • Frequency Range 450-520 MHz
  • Fully Submersible, Waterproof and dust proof (IP67)
  • 5.0, 2.0, & 1.0 Watt (Programmable levels) 
  • Lithium-Ion Battery (7.2V/1700 mAh) 
  • 128 Channels / wide / narrow channels spacing
  • BTL Audio Stage 700mW output
  • Built in vibration alert 
  • 8 minute voice recorder
  • MDC1200 Signalling Programmable 
  • Built-in CTCSS / DTCS, 5 Tone & BIIS Signalling 
  • Built-in Inversion type voice scrambler, (standard)