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CRS - 1 Wire Earhook earpiece with Inline PTT/MIC (Vertex)


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Weight: 0.3 kg

The design of the single wire earhook earpiece is based on the popular mobile phone style accessory but modified for the radio user.

Suitable for all industry types but a favourite with security, nightclubs, etc…


NOW FEATURING A REPLACEABLE EARPIECE. A hygenic cost saving solution for staff sharing radios and accessories. The earpiece can be replaced or interchanged with the following earpieces: Earbud, Earhook, Earhook Large, DHook, GHook, Short Airtube, Long Airtube, Long Dual Airtube, Long Moulded Airtube or Mini Speaker.

  • The soft and skin-friendly earhook material provides extreme comfort for longterm wear.  The user is provided an element of protection in the event of a scuffle with the flexible soft earhook (no hard plastic breaking or pushing into the side of the head).
  • Pivot design allows for wear in the left or right ear.
  • Super flexible PU cable reinforced with Kevlar for maximum durability.
  • Electret Condenser Microphone provides superior audio quality.
  • Positive action PTT for reliable transmission.