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System Design


Our skilled team will collaborate with you to establish and understand your communication needs. 

At this point we will identify and the needs and specifications of your order, including costs, quantity, system features and technical support. 


Once the initial consultation is complete, our team will then create the order. We aim to include all your needs, and requirements of the order in this process. The order will have all the tailored needs set out with strategies to meet the order criteria. 


All of the orders are built by our experienced team and skilfully constructed in our Sydney based workshop. As our team has such a high level of expertise the construction of our orders are extremely efficient and meet the highest standard. 

The combination of our teams expertise and our products quality ensure a high level of reliability and functionality. 


A vital step that all orders are subject to is quality analysis. 

This step is purely designed to ensure the quality and reliability of the products meets the standards of Paris Radio. 

Our staff utilise their expertise during the quality analysis on all products to ensure the order meets and exceeds expectations. 


The difficulty of installation is determined by the specific requirements of each orders, however the quality and reliability of the installed products is always held at the highest quality. Our team has a well-rounded skill set that ensures the installation of our systems meet and exceed the order expectations. 


Some orders may require the system to be integrated into existing infrastructure or equipment. The integration of systems when necessary is performed by our team who have extensive knowledge of the existing infrastructure. Our team fully understands the process involved with the successful integration of systems. 


As apart of the process in completing an order, we believe in developing your personal skills with the equipment to ensure the equipment is used to its full potential. 

This includes the development of basic knowledge and skills required to use the equipment in the manner whilst maximising the potential of the equipment. 


Paris Radio is located in Sydney, however we have a national customer base. The same goes for our support services. We offer support after all sales, regardless of location. 

We aim to ensure that all product are of the highest quality and to ensure this is upheld Paris Radio has support available that maintains the quality and performance of the equipment you have purchased. 

Paris Radio believes in providing a product that meets and exceeds the expectations of customers and our support services is one of the many ways we guarantee this is upheld.