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There is a little question communication is critical across all avenues of aviation.


Choosing a headset whether you are a military, commercial or private pilot is one of the most important decisions you will make. At its most basic, a headset allows the pilot to communicate with Air Traffic Control (ATC) and to others in the cockpit with clarity and provides noise cancelling comfort to ensure the pilot can concentrate.

Paris Radio has many years of experience working within the aviation industry and understand the demanding needs of pilots.

We carry a specialised range of David Clark headsets for ground, aviation and sea applications. Unmatched in the industry, these headsets have been tested and tried to withstand the rigors and demands from a military cockpit, to land and sea applications.

Two-way radio

Ground communication in the aviation industry must also be reliable and seamless. Our range of Motorola digital two-way radios are the industry standard for aviation ground staff and we offer a range of options to suit the application from tarmac to terminal use.