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Paris Cockinos Snr

Paris Radio Electronics was founded by Paris Cockinos in 1954 to meet growing requirements of the Radio Electronics Industry in Australia. The company is proud to be an entirely Australian owned enterprise.

Prior to entering into private business, Paris was engaged in radio frequency experimentation and research with Westinghouse. He was also associated with the then P.M.G Radio Section as a broadcasting radio operator and was involved in type testing equipment. As part of his many skills, Paris has also worked with and serviced radar equipment on large ocean going liners.

Paris is a member of the British Institute of Engineering Technology, Associate of the Institution of Radio Engineers Australia, Senior Affiliate of the Institute of Electronics Engineers,The Institute of Designing Engineers of Australia and a member of The New York Academy of Sciences.

He designed an original solid state system for 2-Way maritime radio equipment, manufactured his own brand Sphere Computer used for hardware and software development throughout the world, Radio Telephones and special Ground-to-Air radios at Australian Airports for International Airlines. He pioneered a long range HF SSB Radio Telephone facility for connection to the world Public Telephone network for Aircraft in-flight use.

Paris designed and manufactured special equipment which played an important scientific role in weather prediction. These devices were used by the Ionospheric Prediction Sending Services Division of the Australian Weather Bureau.

In the 1970's he also designed, manufactured and provided components to the Australian Overseas Telecommunications Commission for earth stations electronic equipment used by NASA in the Apollo XI Spacecraft program.

Paris also designed unique marine radio telephones that are being used around Australian coastal regions. He also designed a hardware system to enable the receiving of data from weather satellites utilising IBM compatible computers.